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The best-recommended way is by using a cleaning tool. A number of cleaning software has been developed to facilitate this and among them is CleanMyMac 4.8.6 Crack. Considered a utility feature or software whose function is to clear unnecessary files. The focus of this cleaner is mainly on Mac version operating system. The tool creates convenience for users with its wide variety of abilities. Mac users can carry out a number of functions such as change the iPhoto library size to a smaller size, delete unused files, uninstall apps no longer in use, control extensions, restore apps to a perfect condition.


Users will normally experience a responsible form of cleaning as the data is safe from damage. All important documents and data are not interfered with even during this cleaning process. The software has in place daily scans and system maintenance functions. The scan can either be manual or automatic scans. Clean My Mac3 also focuses on matters of privacy. While using computers especially online all your private data is saved on history, cache files, and cookies. Hackers and anyone can review your previous searches from these sections.

CleanMyMac 4.8.6 Crack + Keygen Updated

The CleanMyMac 4.8.6 Keygen software carries out a computer cleaning to ensure all your private data is safe. The scan process is not limited as it involves all files, emails, photos, iTunes, and the trash. The process of cleaning using the software is quite simple with just click users can clear malicious applications, junk files, and unwanted files. The software is more advanced and is able to detect various trash files. This includes; old iOS software, Universal binaries, log files, temporary photo files, cache files, and trash files among others. Apart from removing the clutter the software also facilitate the fast speed of the operating system. Users also get to manage extensions this can be by even delete the plugin, settings, and widgets.

Features Of CleanMyMac 

System junk module – Junk files normally build up faster especially while working on the internet. These files are regarded as useless since the user cannot use them in any way. The files, however, have important information about the user’s previous activities. Among privacy, precaution is the measure to cleaning this junk as anyone can easily access your private information. Some of these junk files include; code junk files, universal binaries, languages files, cache, log files, if photo cache, broken preference, language files, development junk among others.

iTunes Quick scan – iTunes is an important application for your music storage. Apart from music, iTunes normally takes up larger space for various files. Among the files includes; outdated device backups, broken downloads, old software updates, and others.

Mail attachment cleaning – Normally all users will receive emails on a daily basis. Even if not from contacts, marketing emails always fill our inbox. At most times attachments are normally part of the mail. When using the mac operating system it saves all these attachments, PDFs, and signatures. All these saved items normally take up too much space. The best way of dealing with this problem is by doing manual deleting of the attachments. This will take much time. Using the CleanMyMac 4.8.6 Crack activation number crack is able to clean their attachments in good time. It also takes care of any mail file that may be taking up space.

Photo library cache cleaning – Photos are thought to take up a lot of space. This is mainly because of the storage space some photos take up. Normally photos take up space depending on the photo size. However, some photos do not take excess space. Photos will only take up space as per their size. This could be determined by the camera in use. However, the photo library has spaces hidden in between that take up storages. Also during editing of photos or cropping space is also lost. Whenever you edit a photo a duplicate is created and the original photo is stored. The stored photo also takes up space. This is actually a one-way space that is occupied without one knowing. CleanMyMac 3 activation code is able to detect these spaces taken up by useless files and removes the files successfully. It does the cleaning while ensuring your files remain intact.

Smart cleaning one-click process – CleanMyMac 3 is more enhanced and efficient enough. It has the ability to detect wrong files automatically. You do not need to direct the cleaner on what to clean. Its 3S smart feature can simply spot junk by carrying out a scan on the whole drive. The scan is 100% safe and secure ensuring it captures all junk files and eliminates them in time. CleanMyMac 3 Crack will scan all your mac files such as trash bins, photos, old folders, iTunes, and emails.

Schedule creation – No need to worrying about when to start the cleaning process. Users now can be able to set schedules they seem fit for the cleaning to take place. This can even be every time you switch on your computer. The feature makes it easy for users to clean their operating systems.

Hard disk management – The software provides a platform for users to be up to date with every aspect of their hard disk. Users will be able to monitor their battery status, memory usage, and free hard disk space. This comes in handy as users can order a cleaning to free up space.

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Steps to Installing CleanMyMac 4.8.6

First, download the file available on the website.

Start installation by first opening the downloaded folder then start to run the setup. Ensure while running the setup you are acting as an administrator.

Reboot your system.

System Requirements

The supported operating system includes OSX 10.8 or advanced version.

Recommended Intel 64-bit processor.

How To Crack?

Start by installing the CleanMyMac 4.8.6 Crack.

After successful installation run the application. It is automatically activated.

Cleaning your operating system is quite important especially if you want to experience great performance. Normally files build upon various sections and will lead to slow performance as well as system hang from time to time. Privacy is also a concern. The files that build up on your browsers risk your private information. Mostly at the caches and history, anyone can easily access your private information as well as previous activity online. There is a lot of junk that buildup on our system and needs cleaning. Also taking up space is the photo library. Most users do not know this detail and will disregard this as taking up space. Using the software all spots that take up space are identified and cleaned.

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